Professional Development

Guiding organization’s staff in managing real projects practically using effective tools and technique based on best practice methodologies

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Training and Career Consultation

Feed your craving for knowledge. Explore our training library; it contains a broad range of subjects in various fields that professionals need to advance their skills. Acquiring knowledge is vital for career advancement. However, training is only one side of your professional development plan. You can book one-to-one coaching sessions where one of our consultants will walk you through developing your career competency. You also can request the topics of your interest, and we will consider them in our plans.

Develop your people competencies according to your organization’s value proposition. Your employees are the cornerstone for making your organization’s vision become a reality on the ground. Share with us your vision, and we will assess your needs and work with you to design programs and couch activities to develop the competencies of your people. Such practices will help you manage your organizational behavior, improve productivity and performance, enhance the employees’ loyalty and retention, and grow your business.

Monetize your knowledge and passion. P3 Experts provide you with a platform and all the support you need to create and teach online courses and offer consultation sessions. Either you want to deliver the classes as prerecorded videos or as instructor-led courses, you will get the support and feedback you need start from cultivating your skills in teaching and training, choosing the topic and designing the course, marketing, analytical insights, and collecting feedback and rates for your class