Enterprise Program Management

How do you align program execution to strategy and accelerate value realization? From portfolio management to project delivery, we’ll work with you to deliver strategies and initiatives in an agile, rapid and value-driven manner.

Navigating Enterprise Program Management Challenges

Being agile and turning strategy into business value, products and services has become a real challenge. Companies can have the best business strategies in the world, but if they can’t deliver on them, they’re worthless. Modern Enterprise Program Management should build development strategies and successfully deliver sustainable results.

There’s a long list of reasons why companies struggle with EPM results – here are some:

Projects might not align with rapidly changing business skills and strategies
Lack of 360-degree view of project portfolio across business units
No governance to align priorities and rank initiatives and projects
PMOs are often bureaucratic and slow things down versus enabling change
Lack of clarity on project value and how to measure value creation
Not having the right job or people involved upfront to create good plans and solutions
No standards in how work is organized and planned
Lack of accurate, real-time, and automated reporting

Here’s how we can help elevate your portfolio, project and program management business function:

P3experts team consists of experienced and qualified program and project managers, they work closely with clients to deliver  successful results.

Our certified PMPs® and PgMPs® PMO use their knowledge along with your industry’s best practices to help your organization deliver successful outcomes. In addition, our team members provide on-site mentoring and coaching to transfer the needed knowledge to empower our client’s organization.

We, in P3 Experts, deeply understand the challenges posed to your organization when managing programs and projects that involve in multiple stakeholders, diverse teams, and various parties as apparently, definition and planning may become extremely complex and challenging.

Our professional team utilizes their experience and knowledge to analyze logically the works and activities of your organization; come up with a tailored framework that best fits your business nature and expandable needs in alignment with international standards of management. At a later stage, we deploy the new framework in cooperation and consensus with the top management. It could be used to plan major programs that involve multiple organizations, as well as projects that crosscut multiple functions within the same organization. Anyhow, we absolutely will work closely with you to trace the new framework in function to make sure that it achieves its goals and benefits.

In P3experts, we are fully confident that our cultivated skills and methodology will guarantee your satisfaction.

Once the team has been established, the key objective is to consider the competencies of the team and to develop and improve upon those skills to enhance overall project performance.

In the first case, the Project manager must acquire suitable skills to firstly identify the skills required, build the project team by motivating the team members by providing leadership and inspiration in order to achieve high performance in order to achieve the project’s objectives.

Teamwork and strong open communication are critical for project success and the project manager must create a suitable environment for this to develop. Conflicts need to be managed in a constructive manner which will encourage collaboration, enhance problem solving and ensure good decisions are taken in a timely fashion.

Cultural and language barriers need to be accepted and team members need to respect each other to develop each other to develop the trust required to deliver the project.

The project manager must seek suitable resources from stakeholders to assist with the development of their team.

P3 Experts helps project to recover from management problems and follow up the cases to ensure it become healthy.

P3 Experts assess organization project, program and portfolio maturity using AXELOS P3M3 assessment and issue accredited certificate of the maturity level.

The ability to deliver strategic programs and projects that create significant business value has never been more important or difficult as it is in today’s economy. Our team of consultants and EPM experts can help you identify opportunities to improve the maturity and alignment of EPM capabilities to enable business agility and value realization.

We share results in a collaborative and meaningful way, working with clients on an actionable EPM capability roadmap to drive ongoing maturation and improvement initiatives.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when creating or enhancing a project or program management office (PMO) and its supporting EPM capabilities. You need the most effective organizational solution for optimal results.

Together, our team of expert consultants and experienced professionals work with our clients to implement or improve EPM capabilities including portfolio management, intake, program and project governance, reporting, agile delivery methods, tools selection and implementation, and delivery leadership training.

To address the ever-increasing pace of change and number of initiatives, your company might need a trusted management consulting partner to help with delivery. Regardless of whether the need is to help lead large and complex initiatives, help turn around underperforming projects, or address surges in project demand, we’ll work with you to execute your most important programs and projects.

Our experienced professionals are seasoned change leaders, have strong business and technology acumen, expert management consultant experience and assimilate seamlessly into organizations and their culture. Each of our professional consultants help our clients’ project manager or organization team develop an EPM strategy to create solutions.

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