Cybersecurity and Privacy

Although two are connected services yet each one of them is a large framework by itself and we happen to be experts with both of them. Most modern attacks are not related to a direct system attack but by tricking a user to provide data or install a malware to give the hackers an unprecedented power access to your network sometimes simply because a power user clicked the wrong link.

Cybersecurity & Privacy
Cybersecurity Services

We provide a wide range of services from monitoring network traffic, protect your employees from attack especially in the modern remote-work and work from home environment all the way down to predictive policing and fighting cyber crime. Out services include but not limited to:

A. Cyber-Awareness training to the users and make them aware about the uncalculated behaviors they might commit and how not to be ab easy victim for the new technics of “Social Engineering”.
B. Implement multiple cyber security measures on premise and on cloud to provide the most possible protection from system attacks and make sure to keep the customer updated and aware of the new threats.
C. Create advanced Security Programs for customers that include all their policies and procedures for their internal and external security measures that is compliant with the current law (Federal and Provincial) and the international laws when needed.
Privacy Services

As the world keeps waking up to new data breaches that involved private user data all the time, it’s becoming more important to every company that collects private user data to consider implement these measurements in place before the local privacy commissioner office knocks their door with the bad news. We provide a wide range of services for Privacy that includes, but not limited to:

A. Provide comprehensive awareness training for employees, security team, privacy officers, data stewards and any other type of employees in the organization. Understanding privacy is a critical component for us because it’s a shared responsibility.
B. Include Privacy Policies and other related policies and procedures (e.g. data breach procedure) into the core of the above mentioned Security Program and make sure all employees understand the importance of these policies and procedures and the implications of not paying attention to them or being exposed to a data breach.
C. Create privacy policies and procedures that are fully compatible with the local privacy laws Federal or Provincial (e.g. PIPEDA and PIPA) and with international privacy laws if needed (e.g. GDPR).
D. Making sure that the employees understand the impact of their daily private information sharing (e.g. on social media) might affect their jobs and make them easy target for Social Engineering tricks and tactics.

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