Artificial Intelligence Services

It doesn’t matter wherever or however you browse the internet today (via computer browser, tablet or phone apps) you will be utilizing AI and Machine Learning in a way or another. We realize how important it is to utilize AI for your business no matter what size of it with the most affordable price and the best return on investment.

AI Services
Our AI services cover the most important aspects of today’s business:

Decision Making

By utilizing AI’s high capabilities of light speed data analysis of large data to identify anomalies, moderate content and personalize user experience based on automated user behavior analysis. All to make easy to make quick accurate data-driven business decisions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

By understanding the nuanced human lingual expression and simulate it in chat bots, apps and IoT devices. Also Translate the text into different languages in high accuracy and analyze the sentiment out of the raw text and decide if it’s negative or positive or neutral and which parts of it have these sentiments (e.g. social media posts sentiment analysis used to decide customer’s reactions about products or services).

Speech Analysis

Which give AI the ability to understand the spoken language of humans with most of its nuances and act on it which includes text to speech, speech to text, speech translation and speaker recognition. It also includes taking actions based on human spoken expressions (e.g. shut the house lights in your smart house when you say “I’m going to sleep now” or a similar expression).

Computer Vision

By identifying and analyzing content within images and videos like recognize shapes and object, facial recognition, identify emotions and analyze irregular behaviors and much more of image and video analysis that can’t be done with the same efficiency, accuracy and speed by normal human beings which gives humans more space for deeper level analysis.

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